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Smart ATA

Smart ATA™ is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that is truly defining the next generation in voice-fax gateways. Smart ATA not only offers the service provider a full-function voice-fax ATA with FXS and FXO capability, but also includes patent-pending technology that finally makes FoIP calls as reliable as PSTN fax calls. Moreover, Smart ATA includes full support for T.38 version 3 with V.34, enabling it to send and receive faxes at twice the speed of non-V.34 capable ATAs. With Smart ATA, NetGen truly defines the next-generation ATA. Read more about Smart ATA.

Firmware for Download

Important! Before upgrading your Smart ATA, please read the Smart ATA Binary Upgrade document attached to this page or on the FTP site!

Visit our Anonymous FTP site at ftp://www.netgencommunications.com/ using your browser or FTP client.
Documents for Download
At the bottom of this page there are two documents available for you to download:
  • Smart ATA User Manual
  • Smart ATA Binary Upgrade Procedure
Click on the "files attached" button to reveal the files, if necessary.

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